Mahala Botanical is a non-alcoholic, triple distilled spirit. It is made using nine hand-sourced botanicals, indigenous to South Africa. It is free from sugar, alcohol, gluten, colourants and artificial flavourants and is vegan-friendly. 

But, there is more to it…

Mahala Botanical is a free spirit, a global citizen with her roots deeply grounded in African soil.  She has the heart and soul of Africa’s people, she is strong, energetic, full of life.  She is maternal and nurturing, is mindful and has a graceful inner-strength. Mahala Botanical is open-minded, thoughtful and has a humble wisdom. 

I am a quote

Danielle Schoeman

She is complex and layered, yet has a light-hearted, joyful outlook on life. Mahala Botanical lives a healthy, active, fun life – full of vitality.  She, like sunshine, brings light and warmth to every day, she lifts one’s mood and energises everyone she comes into contact with.