No and low alcohol drink launches: May 2022

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Light alcohol spirits DECEM

Masterchef 2016 finalist Billy Wright is launching a new range of 10% ABV spirits in the UK.

DECEM, directly translated to ten in Latin, is a new range of spirits which contain a blend of ten natural ingredients for a light alcohol drinking experience. The range consists of three light spirits: London Dry, made with distilled botanicals, Spiced Blend, made with Caribbean rum, and Aperitif made with heritage botanicals.

“Drinking is at the very heart of our society yet so many of us still can’t enjoy it without that slight fear of enjoying it a little too much,” ​​said Wright. “By reducing the alcohol content in our drinks it makes for a more enjoyable drinking experience yet still allows us to retain all the flavors.​​

“DECEM has been three years in the making, working tirelessly to find the most interesting combinations of fruits, herbs and botanicals to blend genuinely different liquids that hold complex flavors yet are easy to drink with the simplest mixers. We’re proud to launch the first three spirits in the DECEM range and give drinkers lighter alternatives to be enjoyed all day or all night.”

Mahala Botanical


Mahala Botanical, an alcohol-free spirit created in South Africa, has announced its UK launch.

Awarded the prestigious Trophy for Best No/Low Alcohol Spirits at the 2020 Michelangelo International Wine & Spirits Awards, Mahala – meaning “free” in Zulu – is also free from sugar, gluten, colorants and artificial flavorings. 

Created and co-founded by Master Distiller Danielle Schoeman using a unique triple-distillation process in her custom-built vacuum stills, Mahala is made using nine hand-sourced botanicals, many of which are indigenous to South Africa and some of which are foraged from Schoeman’s own farmland.

Teaming up with former Managing Director of Pernod Ricard South Africa, Paul Scanlon, the pair began to develop Mahala during the global pandemic. The drink is produced farm-to-bottle at Schoeman’s Doña Distillery in Cape Town, South Africa.

“Intended to be mixed with a premium tonic, soda water or ginger beer/ale, on opening a bottle of Mahala, the fragrant clove and cardamom become apparent, ​​with subtle floral notes of the Buchu coming through from the indigenous fynbos of South Africa,”​​ says the brand. “On the palate, Mahala first tastes of delicate spices such as clove and pepper, with hints of Buchu, followed ​​by subtle citrus notes from the orange and pelargonium citronella, and a herbaceous and citrus finish.” 

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Congratulations on the award, it's well deserved! You guys definitely know what you're doing. Looking forward to my next visit to the winery!