Most frequent questions and answers

It is a distilled spirit (much like a vodka or a gin) that uses as its core ingredients botanicals but excludes Juniper which is in all gins. 

It is the above minus the alcohol.  In the case of Mahala it is ‘de-alcoholised’  It starts as a distilled spirit and we macerate the botanicals in a base of neutral grain spirit similar to a vodka.

De-alcoholized beverages are made in the same way that regular alcoholic beverages are made, but once the fermentation process is complete, the alcohol is extracted from the beverage using vacuum distillation (in the case of Mahala Botanical).  Mahala was the first distillery to use vacuum stills in Africa.

We are one of the few ‘Farm to Glass’ alcohol-free drinks, crafted in our own distillery with no compromises.  We are triple-distilled.  We are currently an all-female distillery team.

We use 9 botanicals in Classic
Orange Peel
Cassia Bark
Pelargonium Citronella
Angelica Root

We use all of the botanicals that are in Classic and we add smoke and oak extracts and chillis.

Mahala Botanical was officially launched in 2022.

Yes it is available in the USA through @troubadourselections

Absolutely!  Mahala contains 0,05% alcohol which is less than a ripe banana and/or a glass of orange juice!